Annotation On The Pictures.
Many of the pictures in the collection are marked up with numbers, normally at the bottom of the photograph. A standardised system of prefixes denotes the purpose of each identified target. The first number refers to the type of target while the second is the precise name of the target.
In the top left hand side of the picture is a GB number (Grossbritannier) which identifies the country; this is then followed by an identification number.

German Words On The Pictures
Kriegsaufnahme            War Photograph
Bild Nr                          Picture Number
Grossbritannier              Great Britain
Geheim                         Secret
Zielgebiete                    For Attack
Zielraume                     Target Area
Schwerpunkt                 Main Target


A Messerschmitt 109 being loaded with reconnaissance cameras and film, Dinard, St Malo. France

Target Group Numbers (on the pictures)
GB10            Airfield
GB11            Anti-aircraft Guns
GB12            Naval Base and anchorages
GB13            Military Barracks and installations
GB14            Army Training Camp
GB15            Military Communication Centre
GB16            Fortified installations and Coastal Defences
GB17            Radio Direction Stations
GB18            RAF Supply Depots
GB21            Fuel Depots
GB22            Ammunition Dumps
GB23            Military Stores Depot
GB25            Barrage Balloon Stations and Specialist Military Camps
GB40            Railway Stations, Railway Yards and Workshops

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